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Watching my kids play pretend is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes, it’s better than watching a sitcom! In any case, they’ve got two favorite play-pretend games they play. The first is where they pretend they’re going to church – and it is so funny that it almost makes me feel bad for laughing because I’m worried I’m being irreverent. But, the kids love it and it’s cute. Their other favorite play-pretend game is playing doctor.

Maybe it’s because I’m a nurse – and because I let them play with my actual nursing tools. Well, except my otoscope and my good stethoscope. But they like playing with my older stethoscope – and how it really works. So I had to get some play pretend doctor printable made – so that I could print them out for my own kids. Ah… the joys of parenting, right?

image of a girl playing doctor with a baby doll

Play Pretend Doctor Printable

My kids take turns being the doctor, the nurse, and the patient. And we’re still working on how you’re not supposed to use the reflex hammer to hit siblings. In any case, though, they love pretending they’re with mama at work at the hospital – and how they can help their friends feel better. That and make the owies all better!

Within this printable kit are:

  • A waiting room sign
  • An exam room sign
  • Play-pretend prescription pad
  • Pretend Doctor Hospital ID cards
  • A patient information and diagnosis sheet

Okay, so while none of these would pass at a real hospital, let alone pass federal regulations and guidelines, they’re adorable for my kids’ pretend doctor office. And it’s cute that they’re getting to see how a doctor’s office works – making future visits to the doctor a lot less scary.

Although, the only one who ever gets the pretend vaccines is me. Hmmm…

Want to help your kids set up their own play-pretend doctor’s office or hospital? Awesome! You can download the pages for free right here:

Just to remind you what’s included within this free printable PDF:

  • Waiting room & Exam room signs
  • Play pretend prescription pad printable pages
  • Play pretend patient information and diagnosis printable page
  • Hospital ID and patient satisfaction survey printable

Please note that downloading them does indicate your agreement to abide by my terms and conditions.

In any case, enjoy your free doctor’s office goodies – and enjoy watching your children use their imaginations! And if you need more resources or questions answered to help your children understand doctors and nurses better, let me know. I’d be happy to help answer specific questions.

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Want to take the playing-pretend doctor to the next level? My kids love their doctor set from Amazon – and now that they’ve got signs, they’re set!

Oh, but a quick heads up that could save you a big headache… If you use a lot of printables, you may want to invest in a hot and cold laminator like this one. That way, you won’t be printing the same pages over and over again.

You’ll just need more of these laminating pouches to keep up with all of your new play pretend pages.

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